I now found him on dating site

I now found him on dating site

anon SAYS:

There’s ‘nice’ but then there’s flirting, acting differently with you than with everyone else etc.. you are making out that we are insane and imagining it. If a man was just being nice we wouldn’t assume he fancied us.

Michelle SAYS:

I recently was separated from my husband but we had lived separately from each other in the house for 12 months. I met a guy at work and the day I was leaving to go to a new job he asked me for my number. We were friends and he new about my problems and was always helpful. He sent me pictures of his family and would be supportive to me and that he likes me and I was out of league !! We met to some months later and I stayed with him in is house he cooked from scratch as I’m veggi we had a great time talked etc. He would talk and message me while I was on holiday and when I moved out in to my new home that he was proud of me and that I need to find a life for myself and live a litte. We met again and he took me out for breakfast and we stayed with each other. He was always a gent and put in the effort, but would always say that he thinks that I am not ready. He’s quite average and short and I guess I’m quite attractive and confident woman, I’m not sure why he keeps pushing me away. I kept up the conversations as we live 2 hours apart but was always putting off seeing me again, He then came and stayed with me a few months later and we had dinner all was lovely brought Xmas cards new home cards and a plant. He was loving and caring but always guarded. We had a good physical relationship. But then pulls ways again .. then he said he was not ready although I was not asking for anything just to see each other. I may have been a bit clingy but he’s so then man I want in my life. He stopped talking now but still reads my messages. But won’t answer. He’s 47 and professional not a lad!! . I’m not sure what this is and what I did so wrong. I did come on strong and he said I was to intense but I’m in love with him. We get on great and have things in common. I hoping he is just sacred or thinks that because I’m only sugardaddy ks just separated I’m unsure ?

Onis SAYS:

I looked this up because he said he wanted to narry me then still act cold and distant. So yea if you say you wanymt to be with me shiw it..its not fair to me..i font know what he is doing behind my back

Angel SAYS:

Its not about all men liking us. It’s about us being interested in a man who shows and/or says that he likes up but keeps an emotional distance from us. And so that’s when we start doubting if he’s truly interested because he a good guy but pulls back when it comes to the emotional side.

Jezzabel SAYS:

It’s really dissappointing to read some of the comments here. Some people come across as so damaged in their belief systems. It’s toxic reading and scary to think that’s what’s out there in the dating pool. No wonder they’re single.

Jane SAYS:

It’s a really fine line, but the truth is that most things that are good in life require effort, and this is no different. My partner has nearly been ditched many times over the last few weeks, as I am frustrated with progress…….but then I have to remember that every thing happens for a reason, my impatience us my problem and I need to be realistic and also he’s not been well. So rather than indulge in my selfishness, give it a bit more time and what will be will be. He is lovely, not my sort at all, but we are good together and some things are worth the wait, and I have faith.

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